Let Us Get More Familiar With This 'Beast' - SNORING.

Let Us Get More Familiar With This 'Beast' - SNORING.

People are still breathing while they are sleeping, and this is not a secret. Some of them produce many different sounds during this 'quiet' time. This is called SNORING. These sounds come from the throat, mainly the back of the roof of the mouth, the soft palate. The reason is that the one's body is relaxing. Every big and small part, every muscle of it. Relaxation. So in this free state, air going inside and out of the body makes these tiny pieces vibrate, causing the strange sound.

This can bring discomfort and worries to the closest ones, turn their time of relaxation and the whole life into the 'hell'. Moreover, this can cause a number of serious health problems to its 'owner', such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Do not miss this out and predestine your life, your health, your relationship.

Neomen - we are experts in the SNORING.

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