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Hair Removal Cream, Depilatory Cream for Men - 4.2 Oz

Hair Removal Cream, Depilatory Cream for Men - 4.2 Oz

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Expiration date: 07/20/2023

Neomen Hair Removal Cream is a mild hair removal cream containing aloe extract and Vitamin E that moisturizes the skin and removes hair without causing discomfort. Upgraded version of premium depilatory cream that removes unwanted hair more efficiently and rapidly closer to the root in only 5-10 minutes. Hair removal lotion has a longer lasting impact than shaving and will not hurt your skin. It is ideal for legs, arms, hands, underarms, cheek armpit, back, and chest.

EFFECTIVE & FAST - This latest premium depilatory cream is specially developed for man. It can efficiently and quickly remove coarse hair to the hair root in 5 minutes.

SAFE & GENTLE - Our hair removal cream has safer formula with plant extracts such as aloe extract, Vitamin E to leave skin feeling fresh and gentle.

LONG LASTING - The effect lasts longer and removes hair deeper than shaving, which allows a longer intermediate stage between hair removals to assure your skin health.

WIDELY USE - This newest hair remover for man is suitable for every part of your body hair removal: legs, arms,hands, underarms, check armpit, back,chest.

PERFECT CS - Your satisfaction is the highest pursue of our service. If you encounter any problems, please contact us immediately and we will respond within 24 hours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I bought this after my sister used it & was impressed. First, I have to say that the smell was not nearly as strong as I expected. Similar to hair developer, just not as strong. Also, my sister used it on her bikini line, I used it on my underarm/armpit.In the summer, I generally shave daily otherwise I’m not comfortable wearing a sleeveless shirt. Prior to trying it, I didn’t shave for two days so there was a decent amount of stubble. I applied the cream as suggested, to both arms at the same time & left it on for 8 minutes. I tried do use the spatula to remove the hair, but quickly switched over to a washcloth. It seemed to work pretty well. But, neither arm was smooth & both had random hairs left. Enough that I wouldn’t want to wear a sleeveless shirt. I figured since it was my first go at it, I figured it was user error. I waited the 72+ hours to try it again.Round two, I put the cream on thicker, treated each arm individually hoping that may have been the issue & the waited 8 minutes. It seemed like a lot more hair came out. I held off on antiperspirant for 24 hours. So, I was hopeful. One underarm ended up with what I’m guessing is a chemical burn. It’s been over 24 hours. My pits looked freshly shaven, but nothing special. One still burns & seems a little swollen. I’m far from impressed. In my opinion, an epilator hurts like h*ll, but does a much better job.I’m not tossing it in the garbage, but will give it a few weeks before I try it again.

This product works, but be very careful of the 5 minute rule

This product is of fair quality . I like the idea that it is composed with aloe vera and other items. However if a person has sensitive skin in certain areas and/or thinner hair in the applicable area it may be better to properly remove the product in less than five minutes and reapply more later for less than 5 minutes, in order to prevent chemical burns or discomfort. For example when left under my arms for 5 minutes it caused no discomfort . However 5 minutes on my bikini line caused an error.Helpful items while using this product includes: safe disposible gloves, a soft towel, and the scraper that may come with the product.

Nancy M.

Great cream to remove long blonde hair from thighs. I had to leave on for longer than 5 minutes and it did not burn my skin (thumbs up). I dislike using the tool to apply. I perfer to apply with my hands and wipe off with a wash cloth. During the winter I do not shave my thighs and when spring arrives shaving with razer is a hazzle because the razer gets clogged with hair. Also, with all the hair I can't get a close shave but with this cream its an easy and painless chore to get my thighs smoothed for my spring/summer shorts just after one 10 min application.

Does the job

Nair does the same job better for half the price !Update:I tried this again as I still had some left and it worked better maybe I was just sensitive the first time I used it. I would also like to add that the customer service is excellent! I was not expecting to hear anything after my review but the company reached out to me right away when they saw that I was not satisfied to see what they could do to make it right. In an age where everything is done on line it is good to know that they actually care about their customers.2nd UpdateI wanted to add that although this product didn’t work out for me the customer service has been fantastic! They reached out to me multiple times and gave me a refund. You can’t ask for more than that. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy other products from them knowing that they truly care about customer satisfaction. Very refreshing in a world of online scams to find a company doing business the right way.

Easy to use

It's great product. Definitely worth it. I will buy it again...