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Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard, Mouthpiece Snoring PRO2

Sleep Apnea Mouth Guard, Mouthpiece Snoring PRO2

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  • Adjustable for perfect comfort: Our new and improved version has a newly designed locking mechanism. Rest assured that it will solve both of your Bruxism and other sleep problems effectively.
  • The most perfect match: After heating in boiling water, put it in your mouth and squeeze it to shape, you can get the most suitable custom snoring mouthpiece.
  • Easy to use: Put it on your teeth before going to bed, after using, wash it in the water, and it is easy to operate.
  • Multiple functions: not only you can use it to prevent Bruxism but also help to stop snoring and prevent TMJ.
  • We provide you with 30 days of support without any trouble, no problems, 100% money-back if you don't want to have. Buy now, no risk.

Size: 2.71*1.5*1 inch

This anti-snoring mouthpiece is not suited for small mouth, if you need a small one, please choose the other one:

Neomen Adjustable Snore Mouthpiece must be your best snoring solution device.

This snore stopper is a good anti-snoring device to reduce snoring obviously. It holds the lower jaw and tongue forward making more space to breathe and reduce snoring.

It has these effects:

1. Reduce snoring

2. Preventing Bruxism

3. Use for light sleep apnea

4. Prevent headaches

5. Significantly improve sleep

How to use:

1. Boil water in a kettle or pot or microwave.

2. Adjust your device into a proper position. Many people start molding with lower jaw forward 3mm-5mm.

3. Using your utensil or tongs, fully submerge the device into a bowl of hot water for 12-15 seconds(water temperature: 203℉—212℉), or 25-30 seconds(185-194℉).

4. Place the device into the cold water for 2-3 seconds and this step will prevent you from being burned.

5. Place the device on your teeth with the UPPER portion of the device on your upper teeth and bite down at least 20 seconds.

6. Remove the mouth guard from your mouth and inspect a proper mold.


  1. This anti-snoring mouthpiece is not suited for small mouth, if you need a small one, please don't buy it. we are creating small mouthpiece, and will provide you after several days.
  2. Make sure the side with grooves is upward, and please avoid the mouthpiece is too hot.
  3. Use this product and cooperate with the side sleeping method to help you obviously reduce snoring. , we also recommend that the best way to stop snoring is by developing healthy living habits and exercise regularly.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    Adriana blanco
    Poor costumer service

    I bought a wrong mouth piece for snoring and I haven't been able to contact nobody. No phone number. The email on your website nobody get back to me. I need to return the product!!

    this is definitely underrated. Amazing product!

    I absolutely love mine! My sleep score on my Fitbit is now always over an 80. I sleep around 6 1/2 hours and I sleep throughout the night with very little in between wake-up's. It’s a little uncomfortable the first couple of nights but stick with it and you’ll get use to it. Mine fell out of my mouth the first few nights. I think I subconsciously took it out due to the awkwardness. Now I look forward to it because I know I’ll sleep like a champ! I do hope they will make one a little smaller for people with small mouths. That would be my only suggestion. Overall this is way underrated and doctors should be pushing this product. It helps with my TMJ and also helps me not to snore. My husband is happy!

    Jessie Cook

    I received the mouth guard, unfortunately I cannot use it. On the box it clearly stated it cannot be used if a person has dentures. Since I have a full dentures I cannot use it. Therefore I would like to return the item. I have written a text for your company to send a return label so I can return the item.

    Too large

    It's massive, actually prevents you from being able to keep your mouth relaxed. It forces your jaw open excessively which then makes the mouth piece come loose.

    Laura Bianchini
    It's to Large

    It doesn't fit. Costumer service hasn't responded to my request to return the product. Poor response time for a no response at all